Monday, July 12, 2010

Pulmonary Dr.

Johnny had an appt with the pulmonary dr. today for a Pet Scan. Unfortunately upon arrival at the dr's office they were informed that there was only scheduled to see the dr. Not to get a scan. The dr. called down and had them worked in so after a four hour wait he had the scan done and will receive the results tomorrow. So we will update that and also the appt he has with his cardiology dr. tomorrow.

Have some pictures to upload and more to tell. Will work on it tonight.

Lots of rain in the mornings, major heat in the afternoons. At 4am this morning it was 80 outside with humidity so thick it was like breathing water.

Until later...

R.I.P. Lou Tyson

Today is a sad day for the family as we lost one very special member. Lou Tyson had been with us for as long as 5 years. Unfortunately some uncaring (to put it nicely) sub-human (once again putting it nicely) dropped out a dog in our neighborhood and this morning the dog attacked and killed Tyson.

Lou Tyson, who was a very "unloving" member of our family, never failed to alert the neighborhood of the 2am hour, and caused numerous complaints (loving ones of course) leaves behind to mourn his loss his owner, Mimi Osteen, (who is very angry and upset), the various members of the Osteen and Moore families, neighbors, the Browns, Majewski's and Robert Murray who also fed him faithfully everyday. Tyson also leaves behind one very special friend, Lou Scoggins.

Burial was held today at 12:30. "Rest in Peace Lou Tyson. Nighttime just won't be the same without you."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer begins!

We did it! We actually got through another school year and now Mimi is officially a ninth grader. I am so proud of her. Even though I didn't think we would make it (I feel that way every year). Her evaluator was very happy with her progress and really enjoyed the displays Mimi made to demonstrate what we had learned this year!

When it's too hot to play it becomes naptime!

Mikey playing with the bubble machine he received for his birthday.

Mikey with his Spongebob Birthday Cake.

What's better on a hot day than a Coke Icee?

Johnny is doing very well these days. His Bp is running very steady as is his weight and sugar. Of course the heat is causing some problems as he wants to be outside on the weekends with the guys but the last week or so we have had rain everyday so we've been kept indoors. Watching tv and napping are the order of the day.

I think he has 2 dr. appts next week. One with Pulmonary dr. and one with Cardio. Hopefully the results will be good. He continues to take his meds regularly and steady and is no longer suffering the nausea he was having trouble with. All in all not much to report these days. Sissie is having some trouble with her fibro as it comes and goes in waves. Right now the swelling in her legs are also worrisome but getting her to a dr. is almost impossible. She seemed a little better today. Still no word on the Disability but we are keeping our fingers crossed that they don't encounter any problems with it.

Mother is still with us and will be for a few more weeks. Dad got the new AC unit ordered but it won't ship until July 23 (heck he won't need it by then as it will almost be winter!) so she will continue on with us. She sleeps alot during the daytime. She and Johnny watch the ID channel alot so they should both be experts on crime. Having her here now is alot easier than in the beginning as we have all gotten into a sort of routine. She does still tend to want to rule the roost which is natural I guess. I have had to remind her only a couple times that this is my house and by golly if I want to cool the outside then I will do so or stand with the refrigerator door open and stare at the contents, then I will.

However, the closer it gets to her going back home, Sissie and I are realizing that maybe it would be better to keep her here as she seems to be doing much better. We will see.

For today's bit of trivia:

In 1899, Jacob German, a New York cabbie was the first motorist to be arrested for speeding.
The speed he was going was 12 mph. The arresting officer was on a Bicycle!