Friday, June 25, 2010

Too Much Heat...

Where do I even begin? Today Johnny really pulled a bad one. He thought he would help this guy who had a wheel bearing go out on his boat trailer. Thought it would be a simple little job. No such luck. With the temp at 103 this afternoon he nearly did himself in with heat. When Frankie finally got him to the house it took two of them to help him up the steps and then into the living room where he promptly fell. He was completely soaked in sweat and was shaking so bad it brought me to tears. Would he let us call and ambulance? NO He said he was not in pain and that he was having no discomfort other than the heat. He stretched out on the floor for about 30 mins and then was able with help to get his clothes changed.

He is feeling much better now and is sleeping. He did not eat any supper I think for fear it would make him sick. It hurt my heart so bad to see him in that shape. He wants so badly to be able to get out and do normal things and is no longer able to do so. Just one more thing for Sissie to add to her "he can't do" list.

It has recently come to my attention that someone had a birthday today. So let me take a moment here to say Happy Birthday 'Nita.

Still plodding along trying to get Mimi's evaluation done. It was moved to this Tuesday so that gave us a few extra days. I will be sure to post pictures of some of the projects.

Now for some fun...


All the girls had ugly gym uniforms?

It took five minutes for the TV warm up?

Nearly everyone's Mom was at home when the kids got home from school?

Nobody owned a purebred dog?

When a quarter was a decent allowance?

You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny?

All your male teachers wore neckties and female teachers had their hair done every day and wore high heels?

Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box?

They threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed. . ..And they did?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cookout At Peanut's

Just dropping a few lines to upload some pictures taken at Peanut and Iris' this past Father's Day weekend. Frank and I were a little late in arriving but we made it there in time to eat LOL!

Johnny is doing pretty good these days. His stats have been running on a pretty even keel. He did gain two pounds from yesterday so Sissie will up his lasix this morning. He BP is back up to where it normally runs. He spent the day resting today as the rain had settled in and kept everyone inside. The temps have cooled off some thank goodness.

Had a very nice visit with Charlie and Glenda over the weekend. Really enjoyed having them here. I know Johnny was happy to see them again.

Mimi dressed in her Rodeo outfit for VBS. This years theme was Saddle Ridge Ranch. She was very excited about it and that she got to wear her Rodeo clothes.

This is the temperature from Wednesday afternoon.

Mimi singing in Vacation Bible School with her friend Katie.

Iris, Peanut and Charlie manning the grill


Mimi and Iris got into the cake

Peanut, Melbourne and Johnny

Peanut, Joyce, Melbourne, Glenda and Johnny

Such a Lovely Couple

Johnny and Janie

Melbourne and Shirley

Three Moore Couples

Johnny, Sissie, Charlie, Glenda, Melbourne, Joyce, Shirley, Peanut and Iris

Saturday, June 12, 2010


That is what we have had for three days. The heat and humidity is almost unbearable. I really feel for people who have no ac (like my mother)(who said that!). According to the Gainesville Sun this will continue for a few more days.

Dress like it could be 100 degrees or hotter, because that's what forecasts are predicting at least for the next several days in the Gainesville area.

Johnny and Frank went out in the heat today to check on some piece of junk truck (my description) and they both like to have overdone it. Johnny came back feeling sick. Not that they had done too much just the heat was so bad. Thought we were going to get a little rain today but only got some pretty fierce lightening.

The stats for Johnny for yesterday and today are as follows:

6-11 BS 158
WT 182.4
BP 122/75

6-12 BS 170
WT 182.8
BP 123/67

He has been sleeping very good at nights, napping during the days. The heat makes it impossible to do anything outside to much.

Today I am posting an old commercial from the 50's. It is pretty funny knowing what we know now.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


How beautiful it is to do nothing,
and then rest afterward.
Spanish Proverb

How serene and comforting that proverb sounds. Peace and quiet to do nothing is a wonderful thing, unless of course you live in my house. (Frank claims he is running a nursing home). I've recently learned a few things about togetherness.

1. Too many "I know I'm right!"'s can make for loud voices.

2. The larger the group, the more snacks being consumed.

3. Bedtimes no longer exists. Anyone, at anytime, anyplace in this house there is always activity.

4. Westerns and cop shows are the only things being broadcasts at all hours. You want to watch a certain show, you schedule it a week ahead and then make sure everyone knows it and in

5. John Moore knows how to cancel a prescheduled program on the TV.

6. Dogs, lots of them!

7. Fresh Krispy Kreme Doughnuts CAN soothe a starving Sissie.

8. And feeding a family of 9 on less than $350 a week - Can't be done. I don't care who you are!

Life is Good

Johnny's stats aren't being posted right now because he is changing to a new meter and we had to wait on it. I will start posting it again tomorrow.

Now for a little fun. I found these Vintage ads online today and was surprised at the content of them.

Monday, June 7, 2010



Please everyone continue to bear with me. I realize you check in everyday, but I have just not been able to keep up lately. I was unsure how to handle the latest set back with Johnny and so it was easier to not even think of writing about it. However, I feel that if you want the whole story then I have to write the bad with the good. So here I am not wanting to embarrass Johnny but at the same time so angry with him that I would love to shout to the world what he has done wrong. The day of drinking with Melbourne and Peanut we find out, is not the first time. He has done it more than that once. Sissie and I feel like fools. At what point do you stop and say this isn't working. Sissie and I are doing everything in our power to help Johnny heal and all the time he was going behind our backs undoing everything we have done. All it takes is one drink to undo everything he has done so far. So we have to start back at square one. If the drinking was the cause of his heart failure then any progress he has made is gone. Blogging is hard when you are angry cause I tend to run on and on and definitely don't want to say anything I shouldn't.


On top of that we still have our mother living with us. I guess she has decided she likes it here pretty good cause it doesn't seem that she or dad have made any progress to try to make things good for her to go home. Our biggest problem is she has seemed to have stepped back into the mothering role and is now treating us all as if we were still living at home. Sissie says she feels like a 16 year old again. (which I can personally tell you is not the truth because at 16 Sissie was doing her own thing, her own way and be damned with the consequences. LOL) Mom has gone so far as to tell Sissie she needed to "shut up and sit down and be quiet!" And Sissie did exactly that! Mom tends to contradict everything Sissie says especially about anything on TV or things we've done. It becomes a real tug-of-war when we are all trying to prove who is right.

For example: the other night we all got to discussing various houses we lived in and whether they had air conditioning. She tried to say that we didn't have any when we lived in Cuba. I know for a fact that we did and Sissie knew it too. OH NO NOT ACCORDING TO MOTHER! When you have to pull out the photo albums just to prove a point, or how she swore up and down there was never a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Fanning Springs and I happen to have an old newspaper clipping with an ad for it. Or how about when we flew home from Cuba on TIA (Trans-International Airlines) not TWA. Yes there was an airline under that name and I have dad's old order papers with the airline listed on it. Shall I go on? Here's the real question though. Why can't Sissie and I just "walk away" from an argument with her? Better yet how do we get into these "discussions"?

So you see here why things are in an uproar? Of course we all love each other and "LOVE" living together, but we all need a break sometimes. (OH YES! SISSIE DID ABANDON ME FOR THE PAST WEEKEND TO GO TO JOYCE'S) But it's ok, it will all work out. (I hope)

And please don't get me started on her dog. He is a bully, destructive, persistent and absolutely the most adorable thing on this earth. And my dogs still hate him. LOL!


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Johnny is home from the hospital and is feeling fairly good. He is tired and weak. They did give him a prescription for nitro pills and that is a little scary for Sissie. She isn't sure how to know when he will need it. The other prescription they gave him is Aldactone 25 mg.

He rode to town with me today just to get out of the house for a little while. He and I picked up a few things at the Walmart. Then he rode with Frankie Jr out to feed the horses and is now eating supper. Meatloaf and salad. Squash and Mac and Cheese though I don't think he is eating the mac and cheese as it isn't good for him.

His liquid intake is limited again and so he only drinks water and unsweetened tea.

Today's stats:

BS - 130
WT - 184.8
BP - 111/78