Saturday, June 12, 2010


That is what we have had for three days. The heat and humidity is almost unbearable. I really feel for people who have no ac (like my mother)(who said that!). According to the Gainesville Sun this will continue for a few more days.

Dress like it could be 100 degrees or hotter, because that's what forecasts are predicting at least for the next several days in the Gainesville area.

Johnny and Frank went out in the heat today to check on some piece of junk truck (my description) and they both like to have overdone it. Johnny came back feeling sick. Not that they had done too much just the heat was so bad. Thought we were going to get a little rain today but only got some pretty fierce lightening.

The stats for Johnny for yesterday and today are as follows:

6-11 BS 158
WT 182.4
BP 122/75

6-12 BS 170
WT 182.8
BP 123/67

He has been sleeping very good at nights, napping during the days. The heat makes it impossible to do anything outside to much.

Today I am posting an old commercial from the 50's. It is pretty funny knowing what we know now.

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