Friday, May 28, 2010

Doing the blog right now has been somewhat of a chore and I do apologize for letting it fall to the side. Things are so tense around here right now. Having Sissie and Johnny here is fun and comfortable. However, let me start by saying that I love my mother with all my heart and soul, and growing up in her home was wonderful. But somewhere along the last 32 years that I have lived in my husbands home, something happened to the woman who gave me birth.

Johnny is doing pretty good however he has had some weight gain but is now taking the extra water pill and that is helping a lot. I will be posting the stats.

Tues. Stats:

BS - 153
WT - 186.2
BP - 110/74

Weds. Stats:

BS - 141
WT - 189.2
BP - 126/80

Thurs. Stats:

BS - 144
WT - 188.4
BP - 128/91

Fri. Stats:

BS - 157
WT - 193.0
BP - 118/90

Today's Stats

BS - 138
WT - 189.8
BP - 132/90

Looks like summer is finally making and appearance. My gardenia is blooming beautifully this year. It smells fantastic.

Johnny and Angel enjoying a nap together.

Frankie at the Walmart parking lot

A fresh dirt dauber nest being dug.

And now for the picture of the week. Sissie has stub her toe on our kitchen chair 3 times this week and this is the result. A beautifully swollen and bruised foot. More than likely broken.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Have We Been?

I realize it has been a few days since I have updated all of you, but it has been a very hectic few days. My mom came home from the hospital and has moved in with us temporarily so it has really put a kink into our routines. While we love having her here, the days are sure different. Sissie and I have certain routines that we follow and everyone gets along just fine. But here we are with mom here and dad doesn't seem to be in a hurry to take her home so Sissie and I are a little on edge. It's the not knowing from one day to the next.

Anyway, Johnny is doing pretty good these days. I will be posting the stats. However he didn't take them for the last two days. He said he was out of strips.

Mimi finally got her cast off and is now wearing a splint temporarily for the next 10 days. The break has completely healed and will need no therapy. She even went swimming yesterday so she is a happy camper.

We checked Devan out of school early and took him with us as we had to go to Alachua and he loves trains as much as I do. Of course we had to stop at McDonald's first for some lunch.

The first photo here is one of Mimi and Shelby playing with "Squirt". He is a little Chihuahua that we dog sat for a week while our friend Kelli was in the hospital. He was such a fun little guy. We really miss him now.

Here we are on the way to the Dr's office so Mimi decided to allow Windy to finally sign her cast and Miss Smarty signs this on it. "Go FSU" Can you believe it? Mimi is a true Gator fan!

Of course we had to make a stop on the way. Only McDonald's will do.

Hamburger Happy Meal and all is right with the world!

I love this pic. He is so engrossed in looking at the trains. I love the way he is sitting there.

In the Dr.s office they let Devan wear the ear muffs in case the saw was too loud for him while they cut the cast off of Mimi.

Here is Sissie breaking one of Johnny's driving rules. Never park near the buggy return!

Anybody have any idea what makes these any different than American Coke?

Any Comments for this one? Not from me. Taken in Hitchcock's in Newberry.

Devan enjoying a close-up look at a former Florida West Coast Railroad Caboose now privately owned and parked in Newberry. I hope that it will be restored and set up for public viewing.

These are privately owned previous Florida West Coast Railroad passenger cars. I am still working on their original build date and railroad. They were at one time used as the Santa Train in Newberry and Trenton.

The is a monster truck that was on display in Chiefland for the upcoming Moto Exhibit. Mimi and Devan just had to stop and see it.

Devan is sitting in the tire. I told him to stand in front of it and he climbed in.

And finally Mimi took this photo. She is wanting to learn photography.

Finally the stats for Johnny,

Today's Stats

BS - 144
WT - 182.4
BP - 125/79

And finally for those who would like to see:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Day

Big day today in our house. So the blog post will be short tonight so that I may work on tomorrows. I have lots of pictures from today to show you and lots of info on the day we had. My mom is back in the hospital for heat exhaustion and dehydration so we have been pretty busy here.

Johnny is doing pretty good. Other than getting his days and nights mixed up. Staying up late and sleeping all morning.

Yesterday's Stats:

BS - 136
WT - 183.6
BP - 105/82

Today's Stats:

BS - 140
WT - 183.6
BP - 113/86

Will get the next post up as soon as I get it finished and pictures finished uploading.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good News

Johnny had a Dr's appt. today with Dr. Denardo but they called yesterday and canceled and said he would rather do a phone appt. So today he called and it was good news all the way! The heart is improving on this new medicine that he is taking. Hes BP is up which is good, he BS was a little high on the day of the blood test but has settled back down now. The dr. has decided to put off the Ecogram until after the July 12th appt with the Pulminary Dr. So now there are no scheduled appts until July 12th. His coughing is all gone, he is sleeping fantastically, and is taking his walks on days it isn't too hot or rainy. He is still napping quite a bit but if that is helping the heart to heal then that is a good thing. His eating has improved however he still wants to take the nausea pill everynight though he is keeping everything down. Trying to eat healthy though there are a few times we eat dessert and a few snacks.

Tonight Sissie is teaching Shelby how she fries chicken and there is a lot of "no, that is not how I do it" and "who is cooking this dinner" or how about "where did you learn to cook?", "you're going to use that small pot?" This is better than a stage show and I have a front row seat. LOL!

Mimi should get her cast off Thursday. She says she has grown kind of use to having it on but I think it is just because she doesn't have to help do dishes or bathe the dogs.

Had a pretty bad thunderstorm come through the other day and even though we unplugged everything the computer in Mimi's room will not turn on so I guess it's down. We hooked up another tower and it is running so slow. So now we will need to try to get another one. Sharing laptops is the pits! LOL!

Didn't post yesterday because Sissie and I had to go over and help Mom and Dad. Their AC has gone down now and it can't be fixed. Things just seem to get worse and worse sometimes.

So here are yesterday's stats:

BS - 120
WT - 183.6
BP - 119/77

Todays Stats:

BS - 133
WT -183.2
BP - 110/82

Until Tomorrow...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Every garden and yard in Florida should have a Flamingo!

Well I missed a day of posting and I quite apologize, but when Johnny naps all day it does make for a boring post. He was going to go to JR. Morgans memorial yesterday but he told Sissie that he just did not feel like going. I understand that Peanut didn't go either as he wasn't feeling well. Along with this weather, and it is hot, I can understand all the napping.

Sissie decided that she didn't like my television service with Directtv as I didn't have DVR or HD so she called and set us up with DishNetwork. We now have HDTV and DVR in my room, Mimi's room and Johnny's room (the living room). And she did it all for $30 cheaper than what I was paying the other. She sure knows how to work these sales guys. (she really did it so she could watch Nascar and football this year LOL!) Now that Mimi has her own in her room Sissie and I are afraid we will never see her. I guess we will just slide her food under the door LOL!!! Anyway, she ordered the system Thursday and they were here to set it up yesterday. That was pretty quick.

Dexter is ready for a ride in the mud truck!

I will post Johnny's stats for yesterday and today.

Yesterday's Stats:

BS - 134
WT - 186
BP - 130/86

Today's Stats:

BS - 115
WT - 184
BP - 110/81

Today's photos are of the garden. Our neighbor who lives two doors down come down for the winter and go back in the summer. Well they always plant a garden and then give it over to us when they leave. They left Sat. morning and this is what it looks like right now. They never want to wait to have any of the vegetables. We offer to can them for them but they always say no they just love to do the gardening.

Here are some of the yellow summer squash and they will be ready soon.

The tomato bushes are full this year. You can see up in the photo with the flamingo all the tomato bushes are full. We also have blackberries coming in now and it looks like it will be a much better crop this year than last year. I sure can't wait for some Blackberry dumplings!

This is a rose bush they have growing in their yard.

Sissie's best friend Cindy came by tonight and I am now the proud owner of the new Easton Corbin CD. He was born and raised in Trenton here so getting your hands on one of these has been extremely hard. His biggest hit so far is "A Little More Country Than That."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing New

Today has been another hot, long, and slow day. Spent the most of the day napping. Had a rough night last night with my oldest chihuahua Bear. We think something must have bit him and he seemed to have an allergic reaction. He swelled up and broke out in hives. Shelby rushed over and we gave him some Benedryl (per vet instructions)and in about an hour he began to calm down and breath easier. I was able to get him to finally lie down and nap with me this morning. Sure scared us to death.

Johnny was sleeping pretty good up until that point then he got up and sat with us til it was over and then went on back to sleep. He hasn't had to use a sleeping pill now for 2 or 3 nights so that is good.

Today's Stats:

BS - 124
WT - 186.4
BP - 118/89

Today's photos are of Sissie and Johnny's grandchildren Jonathon and Courtney. They are Willie and Cathy's two youngest children.

Jonathon Moore
age 8

Courtney Moore
age 9

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Heat is On...

Wow! It sure felt like Florida here today. The temp shot way up and made for a miserable afternoon. Johnny went and had his blood work done this morning and then went to Peanut and Iris's to have some steps installed on the truck. They were back home around 1:30 and Johnny was pretty exhausted. The heat really saps it from him.

Today's Stats:

BS - 136
WT - 185.4
BP - 114/86

This photo was taken last night when Frank and Johnny were playing with Dexter. They like to play tug-of-war with him and a sock. He gets pretty rough but that is what he likes.

This is a fantastic shot of Johnny and Sherry.

Another great shot.

Sisters in heart and in spirit!

Sissie holding KC (our mom's dog)

Bear is smart enough to stay in the house and snooze it up when the temp outside gets too high.

Johnny giving Frankie some tips on the fine art of Bar-B-Que.

A real cook-off going on here. (and I am diplomatic enough to say that they both cooked it all just right!)

This is the temp at 4 pm this afternoon! Looks like it may be a hot summer!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a few quick notes tonight...

We were sad to see Jeff and Sherry leave today. We really enjoyed having them to stay with us and look forward to them coming again. Johnny has been really happy to have his family around him these past few weeks. He has been napping this afternoon and is now watching "Snow Dogs" on tv.
He has an appt first thing in the morning to have blood drawn and then he and Sissie are off to Peanuts for the day.

We were fortunate enough to get our AC unit fixed this afternoon. Tonight we are cooling it!

I have some great pictures I will be posting tomorrow. For now we are getting ready to relax.

Today's Stats:

BS - 143
WT - 185.6
BP - 109/84

I Know, I know,

Johnny, Sherry and Jeff

I am so late getting this up. We've a long but wonderful day with Jeff and Sherry. Johnny is really enjoying having his family around him. He seems to be more relaxed, peaceful and happier. We went for a ride out to Antioch Cemetary to visit a few family members. Sherry was able to visit Brett's grave and spend a few moments.

Sherry visiting with Brett

What a fantastic photo of brother and sister.

We had an enjoyable ride with Sissie and I showing Jeff and Sherry all the places here where we grew up.

Tonight we had Sissie's famous meatloaf and mash potatoes for dinner. It was after supper that we realized that it was getting hotter here in the house. Sissie found that our AC unit was running but not cooling. So tomorrow we will find out how good the warranty is on it. Of course all three guys (Johnny, Jeff and Frank) went out to see if it was something that could be fixed quickly, but due to the warranty they decided not to open it up. Luckily tonight will only be in the 60's so it will be cool.

Today's Stats:

BS - 180
WT - 184.2
BP - 111/70

Johnny reading the label on a bag of Bar-b-Que Frito's to see how bad for him they are while eating an ice cream. HMMM, What's wrong with this picture?

How many men does it take to check a fuse? Unfortunately three wasn't enough!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tired, but a good kind of tired.

Today has been a very restful day. Johnny was so exhausted last night but had really enjoyed himself. It was a good kind of tired though because he slept wonderfully all night long without even having to take a sleeping pill. We were all up to see Glenda and Terry leave this morning and other than Frank heading out to work we all went back to bed for a nap.

We were glad to hear that they made it back home safe and sound. Really enjoyed visiting with them and also having Peanut, Iris, Melbourne, Shirley, Buddy and his new bride Brenda over yesterday. Of course Peanut's grilled pork loin really made the day. Really disappointed that we didn't get to see Kim, Stacey and kids. Maybe next time.

Today's Stats:

BS - 117
WT - 183.8
BP - 108/84

Now a few more pictures from the wedding yesterday.

Cousins Mimi and Chris

Chris Williams (Stacey and Kim's son) the best man

Cheyenne Williams (Kim and Stacey's daughter) a flower girl

"The prettiest princess at the ball"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Fantastic Day

Johnny had a very enjoyable day visiting with his family. Peanut and Iris came and brought the grill with them and cooked for us. Tonight Johnny is tired but it is a good tired. So I will be posting some pictures from today.

Today's Stats:

BS - 88
WT - 184.6
BP - 112/91

A huge caterpillar Devan found in my backyard.

So of course he had to get Mimi to catch it for him so he could add it to his collection of dead ones he already has! "yuck"

Me and Mikey

Waiting on dinner to be served. From left is my dad John, Johnny, Sissie, my daughter-in-law Shelby and Glenda.


Windy's "don't mess with me" look.

Mikey taking his own picture.

Glenda and Peanut

Johnny, Peanut, Frank and Terry



Getting dinner ready is from left Shirley, Windy, Glenda (behind Shelby) and Shelby, Mikey and my dad John