Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Once again today Johnny has not had a good day emotionally. He seems extremely touchy and was real moody this morning. He feels as if he is a burden on everyone and not having a job and income is making him really restless. The inactivity is really beginning to tell on him. Until Frank gets home in the evening he is basically lonely. Sissie and I can only do so much for him.

He seemed to sleep pretty good last night and had taken his sleeping pill fairly early however he still seemed to have a hard time waking up this morning. Was very groggy. Understanding depression, this is one of the side effects.

Today's Stats:

BS - 116
WT - 184
BP - 118/94

Tomorrow will be a day of errands to take care of and maybe getting out of the house for a while will help him to feel better. It has rained here most of the evening and will probably continue on into the night. Hopefully it will clear out by morning.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Will call you tomorrow, Johnny. Look forward to seeing you at the wedding Saturday. I love you!