Friday, May 28, 2010

Doing the blog right now has been somewhat of a chore and I do apologize for letting it fall to the side. Things are so tense around here right now. Having Sissie and Johnny here is fun and comfortable. However, let me start by saying that I love my mother with all my heart and soul, and growing up in her home was wonderful. But somewhere along the last 32 years that I have lived in my husbands home, something happened to the woman who gave me birth.

Johnny is doing pretty good however he has had some weight gain but is now taking the extra water pill and that is helping a lot. I will be posting the stats.

Tues. Stats:

BS - 153
WT - 186.2
BP - 110/74

Weds. Stats:

BS - 141
WT - 189.2
BP - 126/80

Thurs. Stats:

BS - 144
WT - 188.4
BP - 128/91

Fri. Stats:

BS - 157
WT - 193.0
BP - 118/90

Today's Stats

BS - 138
WT - 189.8
BP - 132/90

Looks like summer is finally making and appearance. My gardenia is blooming beautifully this year. It smells fantastic.

Johnny and Angel enjoying a nap together.

Frankie at the Walmart parking lot

A fresh dirt dauber nest being dug.

And now for the picture of the week. Sissie has stub her toe on our kitchen chair 3 times this week and this is the result. A beautifully swollen and bruised foot. More than likely broken.

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