Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party Today...

Sissie, Kelby, and Johnny

We all as a family went to a 50th birthday party for my daughter-in-law's father (who is also a truck driver and has been friend with Frank and Johnny for many, many years). The party was held at Fanning Springs and it sure was hot. We had a great time but was unable to stay too long as Johnny started getting a headache and weak. We did enjoy the visit and got some great pics of Sissie, Johnny and their grandson Kelby (Willie's son).

Today's Stats:

BS - 139
WT - 189
BP - 114/86

Johnny had a fairly good night last night. He slept without a sleeping pill last night and only had one or two coughing spells. Most of the spells happen when he first settles down for the night. He got up around 5am and has napped just a couple of time. Unfortunately our trip out to the springs today did cause us to start coughing from the pollen.

Kelby, Johnny, Frankie Jr., Frank, Randy (Shelby's dad), Joe Sr., Poppa Carl (Shelby's grandfather) and Ricky (Shelby's Uncle)

Brandy, Joanne, Randi (Shelby's two sisters and niece), Georgianna, (Shelby's mom), Shelby, Mimi, Kim, Sissie and sitting in the front is Betty and Miss Faye (Shelby

Kelby playing football with the guys.

Sissie and Kelby

All in all a pretty good day.

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