Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Have We Been?

I realize it has been a few days since I have updated all of you, but it has been a very hectic few days. My mom came home from the hospital and has moved in with us temporarily so it has really put a kink into our routines. While we love having her here, the days are sure different. Sissie and I have certain routines that we follow and everyone gets along just fine. But here we are with mom here and dad doesn't seem to be in a hurry to take her home so Sissie and I are a little on edge. It's the not knowing from one day to the next.

Anyway, Johnny is doing pretty good these days. I will be posting the stats. However he didn't take them for the last two days. He said he was out of strips.

Mimi finally got her cast off and is now wearing a splint temporarily for the next 10 days. The break has completely healed and will need no therapy. She even went swimming yesterday so she is a happy camper.

We checked Devan out of school early and took him with us as we had to go to Alachua and he loves trains as much as I do. Of course we had to stop at McDonald's first for some lunch.

The first photo here is one of Mimi and Shelby playing with "Squirt". He is a little Chihuahua that we dog sat for a week while our friend Kelli was in the hospital. He was such a fun little guy. We really miss him now.

Here we are on the way to the Dr's office so Mimi decided to allow Windy to finally sign her cast and Miss Smarty signs this on it. "Go FSU" Can you believe it? Mimi is a true Gator fan!

Of course we had to make a stop on the way. Only McDonald's will do.

Hamburger Happy Meal and all is right with the world!

I love this pic. He is so engrossed in looking at the trains. I love the way he is sitting there.

In the Dr.s office they let Devan wear the ear muffs in case the saw was too loud for him while they cut the cast off of Mimi.

Here is Sissie breaking one of Johnny's driving rules. Never park near the buggy return!

Anybody have any idea what makes these any different than American Coke?

Any Comments for this one? Not from me. Taken in Hitchcock's in Newberry.

Devan enjoying a close-up look at a former Florida West Coast Railroad Caboose now privately owned and parked in Newberry. I hope that it will be restored and set up for public viewing.

These are privately owned previous Florida West Coast Railroad passenger cars. I am still working on their original build date and railroad. They were at one time used as the Santa Train in Newberry and Trenton.

The is a monster truck that was on display in Chiefland for the upcoming Moto Exhibit. Mimi and Devan just had to stop and see it.

Devan is sitting in the tire. I told him to stand in front of it and he climbed in.

And finally Mimi took this photo. She is wanting to learn photography.

Finally the stats for Johnny,

Today's Stats

BS - 144
WT - 182.4
BP - 125/79

And finally for those who would like to see:


  1. Finally! An update! I'm just kidding!! And you are getting Fancy!! A video!! Enjoyed the blog. Thanks! Glad all are doing good.

  2. I like the pic of devan in the tire. I want to know what would happen if she cut to deep how bad would mimi's arm be then.