Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today was a much better day for Johnny. Sissie and I took Mimi to the Orthopedic Dr. in Alachua to have the cast (She chose Florida Gator colors YEA!)

Two more weeks and the Dr. thinks that she can have it removed permanently and will need no therapy. Being young and healthy is a good thing.

Johnny didn't go with us today. He stayed home and napped. He slept really good last night also. His nights are getting longer and more restful. He tried eating a full meal tonight but still is only able to eat a small portion.

Today's Stats:

BS - 156
WT - 184.2
BP - 107/78

The rest of the day has been a slow and lazy day. Sissie and I cooked supper and watched some TV. Frank and Johnny are now watching Gunsmoke and napping off and on. So a peaceful day.

Now for a few pictures we took of Mikey last night as he spent the night with us.

This is my "serious" look...

This is my "Don't mess with me" Look

This is my "Holy Cow, I'm Cute" look.

Head butts work every time Sissie. See I am so much stronger than you!

Finally this is a rain frog and Mimi found on our sliding glass doors today. He is without doubt one of the biggest we have seen so far. Mimi moved him to another area so he wouldn't get smashed or hit. Guess she will want to adopt him like she did the squirrels and ribbon snake that lives under our AC unit.

Until Tomorrow...

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