Sunday, May 16, 2010

Every garden and yard in Florida should have a Flamingo!

Well I missed a day of posting and I quite apologize, but when Johnny naps all day it does make for a boring post. He was going to go to JR. Morgans memorial yesterday but he told Sissie that he just did not feel like going. I understand that Peanut didn't go either as he wasn't feeling well. Along with this weather, and it is hot, I can understand all the napping.

Sissie decided that she didn't like my television service with Directtv as I didn't have DVR or HD so she called and set us up with DishNetwork. We now have HDTV and DVR in my room, Mimi's room and Johnny's room (the living room). And she did it all for $30 cheaper than what I was paying the other. She sure knows how to work these sales guys. (she really did it so she could watch Nascar and football this year LOL!) Now that Mimi has her own in her room Sissie and I are afraid we will never see her. I guess we will just slide her food under the door LOL!!! Anyway, she ordered the system Thursday and they were here to set it up yesterday. That was pretty quick.

Dexter is ready for a ride in the mud truck!

I will post Johnny's stats for yesterday and today.

Yesterday's Stats:

BS - 134
WT - 186
BP - 130/86

Today's Stats:

BS - 115
WT - 184
BP - 110/81

Today's photos are of the garden. Our neighbor who lives two doors down come down for the winter and go back in the summer. Well they always plant a garden and then give it over to us when they leave. They left Sat. morning and this is what it looks like right now. They never want to wait to have any of the vegetables. We offer to can them for them but they always say no they just love to do the gardening.

Here are some of the yellow summer squash and they will be ready soon.

The tomato bushes are full this year. You can see up in the photo with the flamingo all the tomato bushes are full. We also have blackberries coming in now and it looks like it will be a much better crop this year than last year. I sure can't wait for some Blackberry dumplings!

This is a rose bush they have growing in their yard.

Sissie's best friend Cindy came by tonight and I am now the proud owner of the new Easton Corbin CD. He was born and raised in Trenton here so getting your hands on one of these has been extremely hard. His biggest hit so far is "A Little More Country Than That."

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