Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second Verse, Same as the First....

Today has been almost a repeat of yesterday. He slept really well last night and was up most of the day. He and Frank spent quite a bit of time outdoors until the heat got too bad. They watched a couple of "guy" movies. Just a slow day.

Today's Stats:

BS - 141
WT - 188.4
BP - 118/90

The weakness and nausea wasn't that bad at all today. So he must be getting use to the pill by now.


Vacuum Powered Dustpan

If you ever had the pleasure of using a dustpan, you might know about the dirt line that never disappears. Well, say good-bye to the dirt line thanks to the Readivac Powerpan. The Powerpan is basically a cordless vacuum in the form of a dustpan. Runs on AA batteries and costs around $20.

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  1. Now you know we most all have one of these! LOL