Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Slow Day...

We had another slow day. He slept really well last night. He took his pill around 9pm and woke up around 4am this morning feeling pretty good. Only napped a couple of times today and was in pretty good spirits.

He took the new pill again this morning and took his bp low again however it wasn't as bad today so hopefully his body will begin to tolerate it.

Today's Stats:

BS - 121
WT - 188.4
BP - 110/76

12pm - 95/69
5pm - 89/68

The coughing was less often last night and so far this evening isn't as bad either. He was nausea this evening from the cooking smells and would only eat a little bit. He did keep it down so the is an improvement.

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow also.


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