Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a Day...

Johnny slept pretty good last night. Only two really bad bouts with the coughing, but around 3am he was able to lie back in the recliner almost flat and slept really good. He got a little chilly around 4am and had to cover up.

He had oatmeal for breakfast and his daily banana. I won't tell you that he ate an ice cream cone for desert at breakfast. We got the new medicine today so he will start it in the morning.

Today's Stats:

BS - 210
WT - 190.4
BP - 100/78

After breakfast he took a nap...

This is the best photo of Mimi with her cast I could get...

Sissie and I had to go get groceries and Johnny's meds today so we stopped by and picked up my favorite guy...

Who ends up costing me money and making me sit in the backseat with him. The backseat of Sissie's truck is sooo small. But I would do anything for this little guy.

Kim and Devan

Johnny stayed home today and had what we like to call a "lazy day". Movies and a nap.
More tomorrow.

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