Friday, April 23, 2010


That exactly describes the way he has been all through the night. He had a horrible attitude towards Sissie. He was snapping her head off with every word. It was a very rough night. Around 2am he began running a temp of 101.4. His left eye was red and swollen. His feet have had some minumal swelling. We wanted to call the ambulance but he absolutely refused. Sissie told him she would give him 2 hours for the fever to come down or we would call. He agreed.

Two hours later the temp had dropped to 99.1. He was able to rest and nap some. He had a sleeping pill and the cough medicine to help the coughing spasms (which were worse yesterday).

After day light this morning he began feeling easier though he is worried about the slight swelling. Now he is thinking he should back off on the liquids. He took a walk down to US19 which is about a quarter mile.

He had oatmeal for breakfast but has had nothing since. He just refused lunch or anything to drink.

He is currently waiting on brother Peanut to pick him up and go to Windy's to pick up a lawn mower. Of course we are afraid he will overdo it.

Today's pic was taken by Sissie. (hence the blurriness). This is where he sleeps most nights. He is very uncomfortable when he lies flat on the bed.

The other pic I took of him trying to sneak a sausage while Sissie wasn't looking.

The chart I've loaded here is a daily graph of his weight. It is easier for Sissie to notice whether his weight is rising to quickly or not.

Sissie has called Dr. Denardo's office (Johnny's cardiologist) and is waiting for them to call her back to see what they want her to do. They had already told her to up his lasix from 20mg to 40mg on days when he is swollen so she upped it this morning.

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  1. Hi Kim and Sissie. I think your blog about Johnny is wonderful!! Thank you so much for doing this. Please call me tomorrow when you decide about the doctor; if I don't call you first. Thanks again for the blog.