Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slow Day...

Today has been a slow and lazy day. Watched a little TV, napped, and not much else. Outdoor temps hit 90 today so summer is definitely trying to move in.

Johnny slept fairly well last night. He didn't take his sleeping pill until 1am so he was still a little groggy this morning but is doing good now. He took the new pill this morning and it did cause a drop in his blood pressure causing him to feel weak for a bit. He went out and took a walk and that seemed to help. If it does it again in the morning Sissie will be calling the Dr..

Today's Stats :

BS - 137
WT - 191.4
BP - 108/80

10:30 am 83/69
11:30 am 85/72
1:00 pm 98/82
5:30 pm 105/81

He says he is still feeling a little weak and is wanting a nausea pill. He does look a little pale. His feet are not swelling and he has not ate good today. He has been snacking on grapes and has ate nothing sweet. Sissie will try to get him to eat a little supper. He seems perked up a little now that Frank is home from work.

If things change I will update later.

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