Monday, April 26, 2010

A Very Long Day...

How late this post is, but how long this day has been. Johnny had a very rough night. He couldn't seem to get any rest from the coughing spells and couldn't sit back in the recliner. He spent half the night hanging forward and the other half of the night coughing. Every time Sissie would try to get him laying back and comfortable he would start a fit of coughing. So the best we could do was sit up with him and keep an eye out in case he fell too far forward. He wouldn't even consider trying to go to bed.

His stats today are:

BS - 117
WT - 189.4
BP - 106/82

We had to go all the way to Alachua today (little over an hour away) to see the Orthopaedic Dr. that we were referred to. Mimi has a fracture from the outer edge of the left wrist to the mid joint of her hand. Luckily she doesn't need surgery but did get a cast and will have to wear it for 4 weeks. She is young and healthy so she should heal quickly.

Johnny rode with Sissie, Mimi and me and we went through Newberry and Johnny took some time to show us his old hang-outs and places where he use to skip school. (who said that?) He didn't get too tired and actually walked into the grocery store with me while Sissie and Mimi sat in the truck. After such a rough night he had a pretty good day.

On another front we also found out today that Frankie Jr. (my son) was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. So the week has not started as good as I would like.

Tomorrow Johnny has an appt. with his cardiologist at 3:40pm. His feet are a little swollen today but not so much to be terribly concerned. The cardiologist will let them know how to handle it.

Don't have a picture for today as I was driving and didn't get to take any pictures. Mimi and Sissie took a couple for me of the trains we passed but somehow missed out on getting our Picture of the Day. (shame on them)

Will do better tomorrow, and make sure to post some pictures.
Good night for now.

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