Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why This Blog?

Sissie and I (Kim, Sissie's sister) have decided that starting and keeping a daily blog would be a good way for everyone to check in daily and see how Johnny is doing, see pictures and share memories.

Some days will be good days and I am sure some days will be more difficult, but to keep a journal of Johnny's activities will be easier access for all who care for him. Of course we still enjoy the phone calls, but this blog will give you an up to the minute (I hope I can keep it up to date) idea of how things are going.

So let's start with today....

Every morning the first thing that is done is Johnny checks his Blood Sugar, then takes his weight, and then his blood pressure. We keep a daily log of it.

Today's stats are as follows...

BS -- 113
Wt -- 190
Bp -- 101/76

He had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and then had a dr's appt with his primary care dr.
The coughing is from allergy and has nothing to do with his heart.

He is looking much better today. Yesterday was a pretty rough day. Couldn't keep warm enough, naseous and exhausted. Today he has more energy and slept the whole night through.

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