Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not a Good Evening...

Yesterday evening didn't go so well for Johnny. The coughing spasms continued to get worse and about 8pm he spiked a fever of 103.4. It was at this point that he agreed to have an ambulance to come check him out.

When they arrived his fever was down to 101.9. His BP reading was 110/78 which for him is a little elevated. They checked his heart and lungs. They said that there was no fluid on the lungs but there was plenty of phlem. They indicated that there sounded like an infection going on. A trip to the hospital wasn't necessary but he did need to see his primary care dr. first thing in the morning.

He did go this morning and yes there is an infection going on. He was prescribed Doxycycl Hyc 100mg. He also has an appt scheduled with his cardiologist for Tues. at 3pm.

The EMT's recommended advil and mucinex to help him through the night. He was able to sleep fairly well.

The following pic is not indicative of how he sleeps all night but when he first dozes off and Sissie goes and settles him back. What we are showing here is his night watchman behind him. The alien looks over his shoulder all night long. (Frankie got it at a Chris Young concert.) One of the EMT's was totally freaked out by it.

He has had a pretty good day so far today. We plan to have bar-b-que on the grill (Shelby and Frankie are doing the outdoor cooking. No way we will let Johnny out into all that pollen) and have a deer ham I am roasting in the oven.

Today's stats:

BS - 112
WT - 185.8
BP - 110/84

Today's pics were taken yesterday when Peanut came by to pick up Johnny.

And finally today's closing pic is in honor of Lew Scoggins. This is Lou Tyson, our "free range" rooster. Lew and Lou have formed a bond so I put up this picture of him to let him know that he is still patrolling and waking everyone up at all hours of the night. "He misses you Lew".

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