Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Know, I know,

Johnny, Sherry and Jeff

I am so late getting this up. We've a long but wonderful day with Jeff and Sherry. Johnny is really enjoying having his family around him. He seems to be more relaxed, peaceful and happier. We went for a ride out to Antioch Cemetary to visit a few family members. Sherry was able to visit Brett's grave and spend a few moments.

Sherry visiting with Brett

What a fantastic photo of brother and sister.

We had an enjoyable ride with Sissie and I showing Jeff and Sherry all the places here where we grew up.

Tonight we had Sissie's famous meatloaf and mash potatoes for dinner. It was after supper that we realized that it was getting hotter here in the house. Sissie found that our AC unit was running but not cooling. So tomorrow we will find out how good the warranty is on it. Of course all three guys (Johnny, Jeff and Frank) went out to see if it was something that could be fixed quickly, but due to the warranty they decided not to open it up. Luckily tonight will only be in the 60's so it will be cool.

Today's Stats:

BS - 180
WT - 184.2
BP - 111/70

Johnny reading the label on a bag of Bar-b-Que Frito's to see how bad for him they are while eating an ice cream. HMMM, What's wrong with this picture?

How many men does it take to check a fuse? Unfortunately three wasn't enough!

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