Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here Comes The Bride....

And what a beautiful bride she was. Today Buddy and Brenda became one. What a beautiful wedding it was. Johnny did pretty good although the heat was almost unbearable. He is now home and is currently resting in his recliner.

Johnny actually slept in the bed (yes with Sissie)for a whole 10 hours. He slept deeply and uninterrupted. (It was Sissie who couldn't sleep last night and I felt lost sitting here all night with no one to watch over LOL)

Tonight for dinner my daughter-in-law, Shelby cooked Bar-b-que chicken, homemade mac and cheese, cabbage and pork and beans. Johnny usually has to struggle to eat even a small portion of his dinner but tonight he actually not just seconds but even thirds. No nausea at all.

Today's Stats:

BS - 124
WT - 185
BP - 112/86

Glenda came home with Johnny this evening and we had a wonderful time talking about your (yes I mean everyone of you and boy the things I've learned about you LOL) growing up years. She will be back tomorrow along with the rest of them for a cookout here for Johnny. This way he won't be so tired and can come in and rest if need be.

Now for some pictures of the wedding.....


  1. The wedding was nice but lord I do not think I have been that hot in years!!

  2. Yes Brenda made a beautiful bride, but it was definitely to hot.