Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good News

Johnny had a Dr's appt. today with Dr. Denardo but they called yesterday and canceled and said he would rather do a phone appt. So today he called and it was good news all the way! The heart is improving on this new medicine that he is taking. Hes BP is up which is good, he BS was a little high on the day of the blood test but has settled back down now. The dr. has decided to put off the Ecogram until after the July 12th appt with the Pulminary Dr. So now there are no scheduled appts until July 12th. His coughing is all gone, he is sleeping fantastically, and is taking his walks on days it isn't too hot or rainy. He is still napping quite a bit but if that is helping the heart to heal then that is a good thing. His eating has improved however he still wants to take the nausea pill everynight though he is keeping everything down. Trying to eat healthy though there are a few times we eat dessert and a few snacks.

Tonight Sissie is teaching Shelby how she fries chicken and there is a lot of "no, that is not how I do it" and "who is cooking this dinner" or how about "where did you learn to cook?", "you're going to use that small pot?" This is better than a stage show and I have a front row seat. LOL!

Mimi should get her cast off Thursday. She says she has grown kind of use to having it on but I think it is just because she doesn't have to help do dishes or bathe the dogs.

Had a pretty bad thunderstorm come through the other day and even though we unplugged everything the computer in Mimi's room will not turn on so I guess it's down. We hooked up another tower and it is running so slow. So now we will need to try to get another one. Sharing laptops is the pits! LOL!

Didn't post yesterday because Sissie and I had to go over and help Mom and Dad. Their AC has gone down now and it can't be fixed. Things just seem to get worse and worse sometimes.

So here are yesterday's stats:

BS - 120
WT - 183.6
BP - 119/77

Todays Stats:

BS - 133
WT -183.2
BP - 110/82

Until Tomorrow...


  1. GREAT NEWS, JOHNNY!! So thankful you are improving! Will call tomorrow. Love You!

  2. HAHA sister!! can't believe you have been letting shelly and you cook like this who ever heard of cutting chicken into bite size pieces and cooking in a small pot!! I mean you killed the poor chicken that was already dead LOL

    yes this is great new for Johnny!! He is on the road to recovery now!!

    love you sis