Monday, June 21, 2010

Cookout At Peanut's

Just dropping a few lines to upload some pictures taken at Peanut and Iris' this past Father's Day weekend. Frank and I were a little late in arriving but we made it there in time to eat LOL!

Johnny is doing pretty good these days. His stats have been running on a pretty even keel. He did gain two pounds from yesterday so Sissie will up his lasix this morning. He BP is back up to where it normally runs. He spent the day resting today as the rain had settled in and kept everyone inside. The temps have cooled off some thank goodness.

Had a very nice visit with Charlie and Glenda over the weekend. Really enjoyed having them here. I know Johnny was happy to see them again.

Mimi dressed in her Rodeo outfit for VBS. This years theme was Saddle Ridge Ranch. She was very excited about it and that she got to wear her Rodeo clothes.

This is the temperature from Wednesday afternoon.

Mimi singing in Vacation Bible School with her friend Katie.

Iris, Peanut and Charlie manning the grill


Mimi and Iris got into the cake

Peanut, Melbourne and Johnny

Peanut, Joyce, Melbourne, Glenda and Johnny

Such a Lovely Couple

Johnny and Janie

Melbourne and Shirley

Three Moore Couples

Johnny, Sissie, Charlie, Glenda, Melbourne, Joyce, Shirley, Peanut and Iris

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