Monday, June 7, 2010



Please everyone continue to bear with me. I realize you check in everyday, but I have just not been able to keep up lately. I was unsure how to handle the latest set back with Johnny and so it was easier to not even think of writing about it. However, I feel that if you want the whole story then I have to write the bad with the good. So here I am not wanting to embarrass Johnny but at the same time so angry with him that I would love to shout to the world what he has done wrong. The day of drinking with Melbourne and Peanut we find out, is not the first time. He has done it more than that once. Sissie and I feel like fools. At what point do you stop and say this isn't working. Sissie and I are doing everything in our power to help Johnny heal and all the time he was going behind our backs undoing everything we have done. All it takes is one drink to undo everything he has done so far. So we have to start back at square one. If the drinking was the cause of his heart failure then any progress he has made is gone. Blogging is hard when you are angry cause I tend to run on and on and definitely don't want to say anything I shouldn't.


On top of that we still have our mother living with us. I guess she has decided she likes it here pretty good cause it doesn't seem that she or dad have made any progress to try to make things good for her to go home. Our biggest problem is she has seemed to have stepped back into the mothering role and is now treating us all as if we were still living at home. Sissie says she feels like a 16 year old again. (which I can personally tell you is not the truth because at 16 Sissie was doing her own thing, her own way and be damned with the consequences. LOL) Mom has gone so far as to tell Sissie she needed to "shut up and sit down and be quiet!" And Sissie did exactly that! Mom tends to contradict everything Sissie says especially about anything on TV or things we've done. It becomes a real tug-of-war when we are all trying to prove who is right.

For example: the other night we all got to discussing various houses we lived in and whether they had air conditioning. She tried to say that we didn't have any when we lived in Cuba. I know for a fact that we did and Sissie knew it too. OH NO NOT ACCORDING TO MOTHER! When you have to pull out the photo albums just to prove a point, or how she swore up and down there was never a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Fanning Springs and I happen to have an old newspaper clipping with an ad for it. Or how about when we flew home from Cuba on TIA (Trans-International Airlines) not TWA. Yes there was an airline under that name and I have dad's old order papers with the airline listed on it. Shall I go on? Here's the real question though. Why can't Sissie and I just "walk away" from an argument with her? Better yet how do we get into these "discussions"?

So you see here why things are in an uproar? Of course we all love each other and "LOVE" living together, but we all need a break sometimes. (OH YES! SISSIE DID ABANDON ME FOR THE PAST WEEKEND TO GO TO JOYCE'S) But it's ok, it will all work out. (I hope)

And please don't get me started on her dog. He is a bully, destructive, persistent and absolutely the most adorable thing on this earth. And my dogs still hate him. LOL!


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