Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Lovely Day!

"What Lovely Cheese, Gromit!"

Today was another lovely day. The weather has not been this beautiful this many days in a row for the longest time. Cool mornings and a wonderful breeze all afternoon. Late this evening the mosquito's did make an appearance. Mikey (who is with us again tonight) got a few bites on him before he came in from playing.

Frank is fighting a sinus infection that doesn't seem to go away. We will be making another trip back to the dr's tomorrow. He also has an interview with Mid-Fla Trucking. They are out of Worthington Springs. He is also waiting to hear from WBT Trucking and has been working part-time for Knothole Timber. They are talking about keeping him on full-time. That wouldn't be so bad as he makes pretty good with them and they are out of Cross City and he is working there with people he knows.

Things were great with Johnny yesterday, not one drink. Even gave Sissie his wallet so he wouldn't be tempted. Today, not so much. The bad thing is he has started drinking a type of beer that is making him mean towards Sissie. Sissie thinks that because he is needing to get the buzz faster he is drinking a stronger beer other than the Natural Light.

For today's fun, more vintage (sexist) ads.

Kitchen could get pretty crowded at the holidays.

One word -- "WHY"

Nothing I can say would even make sense here.

"Here you go dear, fried eggs, bacon, HOT GRI...OOOPS!"

I would like to see the resulting sales reports on that years Pontiac models.

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