Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's have a little talk.

I think it is time for me to stop here and explain a few things before I continue this blog. There are some days when I do not post like I should and I know that it must be a disappointment for you. I love posting, especially pictures I take and all the odd and unusual things I come across on the internet. I love searching for the different clipart I use and even updating you guys on the family.

However, there comes those days when things happen here in the Osteen-Moore household that, while I wouldn't mind blogging about it, I become so angry or frustrated that I would tend to let my mouth overrule my brain. Unfortunately those days are starting to become more frequent. So it is safer for me to just not blog on those days.

Then of course there are those days when I don't feel well and I am quite sure you don't want to hear me whine and complain.

So to clarify all of this, there are those days when Johnny "forgets" he has a heart problem and tends to revert to the "old ways". Those are the days when Sissie and I struggle to stay calm. This latest episode, while not going into details about what caused it, has cost Sissie her truck. I have been sisters and best friends with Sissie for almost 50 years (she is 9 months younger than me, my momma be busy back then LOL!) and I can honestly say to you that I have never seen her this angry and had Frank not got between them she would have become extremely physical with him. He believes now that the drinking did NOT cause his heart problem. So how do we fight this one? And even though we had to call the ambulance that night, how long before he feels comfortable enough to do this again. The paramedics told him that even though they could see signs of previous heart damage, they could see no current signs of a-fib or anything else he said he had.

So right now we are at a standstill. We aren't sure what will happen next. Frank tried hard the other night to talk Johnny into rehab. It is voluntary. He refused.

So to wrap things up here. While I love blogging, I can't blog on those days. So just hang in there. I haven't forgotten to do it. Just using discretion on the nights that I should keep my mouth shut. (personally if it wasn't for hurting Sissie, I would spill it all! But I do love her and hate seeing her hurt) (besides, I may be older but she is stronger and I like having teeth LOL!)

Now with that being said, we now resume our regular blogging.....

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