Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dr. Appt Today

Almost one month since I have blogged. Been a long holiday for us around here. Every one of us have been sick of one kind or another. It has been horrible, and it tends to make the rounds. Mom even spent Christmas in the hospital. So now that we are all feeling a lot better we can get back to living life.

Johnny had a dr appt with his heart dr today. Everything went great. The dr said that he has definitely got to quit drinking. The dr. did an echogram and the dr. stood over it and read it while it was being done and is amazed at how good his heart looks. He said that unless he quits drinking and loses some weight (he has gained so much weight, he now weighs 227, his heaviest ever) he will start having trouble again. This time the dr. told him that it will be twice as bad as before. So he needs to seriously think about some kind of rehab.

Frank started his new job today While he enjoyed working for Mid-Fla, this new job with WBT Trucking is the job he has been trying to get for a while. He spent the first part of this week in Hazelhurst GA for orientation. He hauls his first load tomorrow morning to Orlando. So happy for him.

Just wanted to give you a short update and I will try to get to blogging again on a regular basis.

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