Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today has been a kind of gloomy day, looks like rain. Certainly cloudy enough. Still cold.

Frankie had an oyster roast last night for his birthday. He had a friend of his over and they all sat around the fire. Johnny smoked some mullet for us on the smoker and Sissie and I sat in the house and watched tv. Good times.

This morning Frankie and his friend Matt went hunting and Frankie got him a deer. He was so proud of himself. Can't wait to fry some backstrap up. Yummy!

Frank is doing ok with the new job, just having to get use to the new log book rules as its been a few years since he has had to keep one.

Today's extra is some unusual artwork I found.

Creations made from matchsticks.

Carved from butter

Amazing 3D creations from paper

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