Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lazy, Rainy Day

As has been the norm here in Florida lately, it is a rainy lazy day. We have been enjoying this rain for a week now. Tropical depression #5 didn't last long but has given us some nice rain. Makes for lazy days. Made Beef Stew and Homemade Yeast Rolls for dinner. (as cold as Sissie has the A.C. in this house on could almost imagine that it's winter time LOL)

Johnny is doing ok. He is still gaining weight slowly and and his Blood Sugar doesn't seem to be improving any.

The pictures today were taken last night. The baby is Kaitlyn, (Kaity-bug) she is my brother Johns' grandbaby. Hard to believe he is a grandfather. Just wish he were here to know her.

She is a very loving baby. She loves her Uncle Johnny. Chrissy (her mom) and Kaity-bug are staying in Chiefland right now while Craig (husband and dad) is out at Fort Hood in Texas training. He just came back from his 2nd tour in Iraq and will now be stationed in Texas. So we are enjoying having them home for a while.

Not much else going on. All is quiet here. Until tomorrow.


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  2. sorry kim i was still under your name LOL now i can't remember what I was saying LOL

  3. Much thanks to Craig for service to our country; for fighting for our rights and freedom. Fort Hood is HOT this time of year. Was there for a summer when Billy was stationed there TDY. Bet Craig knows what (TDY)means. .................
    Johnny, what's up with the diabetes?......
    Thanks, Kim, for the updates.
    Love to all, Joyce