Monday, August 9, 2010

On the Menu Tonight...

Crispy, Southern Fried Mullet
Fried Cabbage
Creamy Grits topped with Tomato Gravy
Hot Hush Puppies
Sweet Iced Tea

and for desert

Fresh from the oven Peach and Blueberry Cobbler

Not often we do it up big but Frankie has been doing a lot of fishing lately and our freezers are filling to the brim. I am so glad that the fishing ban has been lifted out in the Gulf and that the oil spill has not affected our area here.

Johnny's sugar is still running high. it was 419 at 5:oo pm today. Not sure why it has all of a sudden started running like this, but we have noticed an increase in his eating and snacking this last week. This last grocery trip we severely limited his snack buying also. His next dr. appt is in about 4 weeks unless things tend to keep getting worse.

His stats for this morning are:

W - 192.8
BP - 121/77
BS - 277

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