Sunday, August 29, 2010


Some days the good and the bad seem to happen. Started out this morning making a big breakfast for everyone. Mimi wanted pancakes so I had a little fun with them for her. Of course she thinks I'm weird. But hey, it makes for an interesting start for the day.

Next it was nap time. Got to rest up before lunch you know. With this heat it is just too hot to do anything. Mimi wanted to go ride Laramie but it was just to hot. (and it takes forever to load up all the saddles and tack).

This kind of weather is good for just one thing and I thing our little Diva "Rosie" here has figured it out.

In the next two pictures you will notice that the windshield of my Explorer has been damaged. Frank and Mimi were coming home for the horses last weekend and a buzzard flew up and caught them. Frank couldn't avoid it as there was another car coming towards them. Luckily it didn't come all the way in but Mimi did get covered in fine bits of glass.

On our menu for tonight was Fried Mullet that Frankie and a friend of his (Ricky) went out into the Gulf and caught. They usually bring in somewhere around 50 each time they go out so now Sissie and I have quit a freezer full. This is just a few I cleaned and got a pic of before they all got filleted. I personally love cleaning fish and with Mimi and Johnny's help we can knock it out pretty quickly. Of course Sissie is no help at all. I'm guessing her hands are too delicate to be touching fish. LOL!

So along with some Grits and Tomato Gravy, Cole Slaw, Fried Cabbage and some Hush Puppies we had a wonderful dinner tonight.

Now for the worst part of the day. Frank and Johnny were out messing around in the yards and the area between our houses and my moms when Johnny found this.....

A water Moccasin. This is a whopper of one. And the first one we have seen here in years. We see rattlers and coral snakes but believe it or not, we rarely see these and thank goodness for they can be aggressive. This one was found out in the area where Mimi keeps her aluminum cans. Frightening to think she could have been the one to find this. Anyway Johnny put a board on him and held him down while Frank ran and got the rifle. Johnny put him in this plastic bottle so we could show him to our neighbor. Sissie says he now has to wash and disinfect himself with Ajax before he can get in her bed. All in all pretty scary.

Not much planned for this week. We are going to Gainesville Wednesday shopping at Sam's Club and other than that just stay at home and enjoy the AC. Mimi will start working on some of her schoolwork also. Frank is now working four - 10 hour days so this gives him one more day at home (a three day weekend) and somebody for Johnny to bother other than us.

He has been doing pretty good this week. His blood sugar and blood pressure have seemed to leveled off. He and Frank have been trying to build a smoker for some of the fish Frankie keeps catching so they are busy until the hot part of the day and then in for a nap.

Well that is the update in our part of the South. Will post more later.

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