Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a day!

We loaded up and went to Gainesville yesterday. Had to make a visit to Sam's Club. We all decided to go except Frank who was at work.

Here is Johnny showing us various points of interests in Newberry.

Just inside Sam's Club they have this over sized fishing chair. It was $99 and has 6 cup holders in the arms.

This chair is large enough to fish and take a nap together in. A cuddle chair.

Had a little visitor to the yard today. Because of the rain they are really crawling. Love it and hate it at the same time. Don't want the snakes.

Here's a close-up. We took his picture and sent him on his way. Didn't take him long to leave the yard.

So then Mimi decides to check out the ditch in our front yard and of course the tadpoles and minnows were definitely abundant. She also caught this little fellow. A crawdad. Once again we took his picture and sent him on his way also.

Anyway we got home yesterday to some bad news. Frank was home before us and we found out he has been laid off from his job. According to the boss man things are slow now, however some of the newer employees were kept on and some of the older ones were laid off. So once again he is back to job hunting. Makes me wonder how at 50 years of age and with 3o years of a stellar truck driving career can all come to nothing . Seems like a waste. I am so angry. This man gets up faithfully every morning, goes to work, supports 2 families (3 when mom is here LOL!) never make a complaint and it can all come down to this. Of course we are laying it all in the hands of the Lord but it sure is hard. So this afternoon he was gone all afternoon looking.

On the other side of it, Johnny is feeling immensely guilty. We don't know how to make him understand that it would be no different even if they weren't living with us. Once hi starts getting his disability check then he will feel better. It's the not having any money of his own.

His stats have all been pretty good. His blood sugar has run around 250 on average. (Can't keep him out of the grapes. Once these are gone mo more for him. He's addicted to them things).

Well now for a little something to cheer us up.....

Unusual Dream Homes!

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  1. Hay i remeber cathing crawdads in that dith to .lol
    that was a lon g time ago not so lol.
    love not so LITTLE willie.