Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's happened again!

Believe it or not, twice this week we have had Water Moccasins in our yard! This one was found by Johnny yesterday evening crawling across the driveway next door down from Frankie's house. Johnny didn't have a gun with him so he BEAT it to death with get this....A PVC PIPE!!

This is getting way too scary to even let the dogs go out. We watch them carefully.

Of course they had to carry it off from here and this is the pole with the snake on the end of it that he used. Men are so crazy!

Had a pretty good day today. Frank filed for unemployment and then got a phone call from a friend to drive a truck for him for a few days. He also has a meeting with another man he knows to possible drive a truck for WBT Trucking. They haul chips to the mills from Cross City. I knew it wouldn't be long before he finds another job. He can not stand to be idle for long.

Johnny is doing pretty good today. He wasn't feeling well last night. Complained of a headache and said he wasn't feeling right. He actually went into the bedroom and went to bed well before his normal time. He said it wasn't bad enough to go to the dr. though. He is out with Frank today. They are still working on their new smoker they are building.

His stats for today are...

WT - 197
BS - 250
BP - 118/80

Today's entertainment is -- UNUSUAL CANNED MEATS

This one is Whale in Curry Sauce

A Whole Chicken! Fully Cooked!

Crocodile in Curry Sauce from Thailand

Frog Legs in a spicy Curry Sauce

Cajun Style Alligator

Ready to Eat Jellied Eels from Thailand

Pork Brains in Milk Sauce (check out the cholesterol!)

Hot Dogs in Brine Sauce

"Road Weary Possum"

Yoder's Smoked Canned Bacon! (notice the camouflage label, must be a hunter's specialty)

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