Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Found a Peanut...

We Love You Willie, Happy 33rd Birthday!

So Johnny and Frankie decided that the truckload of peanuts we had to pick a couple of weeks ago just weren't enough. They came home with another huge truckload yesterday and spent all day having to get them ready to boil. Sissie and I haven't had the heart to tell them that the freezer is full and we aren't sure where we will put them. So tomorrow they will be spending all day boiling them.

Well it looks like we will be having our first Tropical Storm come through later this week. Sissie is kind of excited as we both like rainy days. Not easy on the puppies though and the mud that gets tracked through the house, or the men complaining that there is nothing on tv and always hungry ("when are you going to cook?") , and they are bored and on and on and on.

Today's stats for Johnny:

Wt - \
BS - 256
BP - 122/76

Tune in tomorrow for our reactions to the latest DWTS loser. Sissie and I really liked Kurt Warners dance, Micheal Bolton was just too stiff, Jennifer Grey's dance was fantastic but the costume and the color of it kind of took away from the whole thing. We loved Bristol Palins dance and Kyle Massey. We both figure tonight's elimination will be either Micheal Bolton or Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino? Do you agree?

Today's fun item are some really bad headlines that got past the editors.

What does it mean "remain dead"?
Does this editor believe in reincarnation?

Note: The Diana headline is from the British satirical magazine Private Eye.

Who writes this stuff and where is the editor

World's worst psychics?

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