Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was pretty good except that Sissie and I are still a little under the weather. Luckily, Shelby jumped in and did most of the cooking. (the one good thing about being sick is you don't have an appetite to stuff yourself with LOL) Other than a couple of incidents, things are going ok right now. Johnny has been good the last 2 days but we know that this is normal.

Sissie talked to his dr. yesterday morning and she assured Sissie that Johnny's heart has healed from 15% to 60% on both sides. She said that she has seen this before and that if he doesn't stop the drinking then it will occur again. She said that in a couple of weeks we will begin to notice the coughing, tiredness and other symptoms again. He refused to talk to the dr. himself and that is because if he hears it from her then he can't use the excuse of being told that the drinking could be the problem. He claims he is drinking because he doesn't believe his heart is healed and that he wants a second opinion. The dr says she has seen this numerous time with other patients who drink. She also said that the heart will not continue to heal itself and each time this happens could be the last. He has an appt on Jan. 11th so we will be able to see how well he is doing unless he doesn't stop drinking then it will be to see how bad. His choice to make.

He still has not started taking his stats again and no longer taking his insulin shots. Of course he has great excuses for that also, but whatever excuse he can come up with, it all ends the same.

So for a lighthearted ending. I once again have found some products that we may all be glad are no longer available.

Pepsi Kona

Pepsi Kona was an innovative creation by Pepsi, being a mix of Pepsi and Coffee. In 1994, when this soda came out, Pepsi began to limit production of the lines that were just released; only selling 20oz and 2 liters


"Marketed as the diet-friendly cure to the "something sweet" craving, this sassy new product delivers a mouthful of fine chocolate powder from a canister that looks like a tube of lipstick — function and fashion — but contributes less than one measly calorie per sweet whiff.

The Kumato is a standard size variety of tomato weighing between 80 and 120 grams. It is a green to reddish brown, and sweeter than typical tomatoes due to a higher fructose content.

Pickle Sickle

Pickle Sickles: popsicles made with pickle juice.

Egg Roll

No info found.

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